Friday, December 10, 2010

Surprises A Little or More

Hello friends Good Morning .

I love u My readers,That's why I can not leave u.

So what will be your choice ????? More surprises or less surprises ????
'...I found people loves surprises even I do ,You too,and others
whats should be our choice ??do you have any idea ......any  ? oki  lets  know it

 So having ability makes  A WISE to become less surprise.

 A WISE have Less surprises but many of  KNOWING or having  ABILITY.

Common People have full of surprises but  Lack of  KNOWING or ABILITY.

Common people have full of  QUESTIONS but do not have Best Questions

That's why  A Wise have that Question The Best Question.

Now You decide more surprises you want or less  surprises.

Its what I taught to Mr. NandaLal when he asked me about the importance of learning of knowledges.

My reply was just for less surprises .
 Where You can apply this :
 You can  say it to students before starting class so that it will help  them  best  and never feel bore in class
or  in the place where knowledge is very very important to  take and people shows less interest in tht.

Now discuss about best question It was the doubt of  Mr. Nandalal also,if he will  read it it will helpful for him too.

Feel the Importance Of Best Questions:
when u ask other than best question u miss the ans of best question, RESULT always depends on best question, So to be solved or not to be.
As i have mentioned it i have mentioned it in my twitter         earlier.

chk my twitter so tht here u get related  Twitter posts explanations.

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