Monday, December 13, 2010


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Friday, December 10, 2010

Surprises A Little or More

Hello friends Good Morning .

I love u My readers,That's why I can not leave u.

So what will be your choice ????? More surprises or less surprises ????
'...I found people loves surprises even I do ,You too,and others
whats should be our choice ??do you have any idea ......any  ? oki  lets  know it

 So having ability makes  A WISE to become less surprise.

 A WISE have Less surprises but many of  KNOWING or having  ABILITY.

Common People have full of surprises but  Lack of  KNOWING or ABILITY.

Common people have full of  QUESTIONS but do not have Best Questions

That's why  A Wise have that Question The Best Question.

Now You decide more surprises you want or less  surprises.

Its what I taught to Mr. NandaLal when he asked me about the importance of learning of knowledges.

My reply was just for less surprises .
 Where You can apply this :
 You can  say it to students before starting class so that it will help  them  best  and never feel bore in class
or  in the place where knowledge is very very important to  take and people shows less interest in tht.

Now discuss about best question It was the doubt of  Mr. Nandalal also,if he will  read it it will helpful for him too.

Feel the Importance Of Best Questions:
when u ask other than best question u miss the ans of best question, RESULT always depends on best question, So to be solved or not to be.
As i have mentioned it i have mentioned it in my twitter         earlier.

chk my twitter so tht here u get related  Twitter posts explanations.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


HYE  MY READERS.... Good morning Everyone.
We all  live in this beautiful earth.Why one say "beautiful" think a minute....sometimes now days in many places i hear Earth is loosing its beauty .It hurts to heart.but think 2ice   if same person  will listen this after 24yrz his forth generation will say  Earth is worst.It says  us......all is on us,how we manage,,what  we do,and what we have learnt from our past.We most of times do not understand value of lives.
Lets talk something about  values
.so what value means??? It means what is worthy and satisfy its existence  for any matter or event in this universe.We say orally or by what common people understand something different " which is worthy for our purpose is has value for us ".
We may complain here  we all are general people and like this we make group then society then state and country like wise so......many more and for us root meaning of value is what is worthy for us.

HERE  a philosopher  laughs.....!!

 Where is our  base ??? our base comes after our existence got my point ????...ha ha ha ha ha....
If not then let   understand properly.....We have started a "word beautiful earth"  right !! so beautiful is feelings or remarks came from us which  gives value for its beautiful representations of (matter/anythings/any events/or anything related to our happiness or our belief etc. ) when we say beautiful it means we want or we allow others (creatures/creations) with us and we like them too along with us.

 So Think a little with closed eye silently little not there some common purpose  is working ,In both the way we understand of lives.....and their existence.
 Yes. It is.

It is not my proper intentions to stop here.I want to pull  more with me towards a different world where u can check the base things the core things something in different way satisfying proper dimensions.OKI
So Exercise is  good always for you for anybody.Mind good ,but what it means actually.
One day A boy came to me in early morning and wanted to know about some basic rules...I was not aware tht time even did not  think about my hidden checker( I call my mind a checker sometimes it blocks unnecessary things to mind ..i use it as checker device so i called checker ).so  I  tried to teach all those .
But I found after few days of his talking ,found he was saying to others,"the way  he mannered others and the way he approch..many wrong things..blabl blab.... .I do not say he was wrong.Actually I was a wrong person who teaches all those basic principles.
So how I solved My mistakes ...

I did not do same mistakes. Now if I ask  YOU one question  can u reply me correctly my readers ??
say me plz.... What was mistake ??
You may think ans would be teaching him.  is not so ...

No no no..... It was not the best reply .(always try to find or habituate best question to ask ? best reply to give)
Best reply is I had  not made him(tht boy ) perfect ,before I teach him anything .
Now question again  why asked this question  to you  my  Readers??
Best Reply is" To experience/feel how worst was my mistake.And It shows another things I respect knowledge or those principles "
My consciousness shows the Respect in this question.
Lets back to topic i was saying something about Mind Exercise  right ?? You will ask where is mind exercise here ?? My meaning was different  about mind exercise.......Lets clear what i say
Mind exercise is not what u understand properly only!!!
it has more things like Respect...Until Unless we donot  give respect to knowledge we cannot get our mind exercise properly.Its true
.One day my loving friend NandaLal asked about simpleness, simplicity its power and intencity
.I told everything
.He understood all those by measure it in nature reading scales and silence scales........BUT he failed .lastly
I told Nature reading was demanding truth input and silence was demanding truth input U fed only truth input   but u had no respect for those mistake your whole inputs turned to Untruth....(bcoz i had told him before Truth is it self 100% its always isolated and it can get with another truth  only,a 0.1% untruth makes whole truth to untruth ).so i said to him develop more as u can create respect from bottom of heart for  those.
and he did ,next moment he got beautiful result.
So here we do not give proper respect to knowledge...Until  I have not disclosed YOu which way  we all can give respect to knowledge  ..

So next time.....conti......
 ENJOY few video clips   some good music

.Till then BYE.I will back soon

From PHILOSOPHER Jagannath Mallik